About us

About Us

If you and your family dream of a better future living in Canada, you should know that INMIGRACION CANADIENSE is dedicated to making the process easier and more efficient to complete.

INMIGRACION CANADIENSE is a private company that works with a team of authorized Canadian immigration consultants in order to help individuals and families from around the world during each stage of the process to apply for a visa to Canada.


Our Services

We take pride in providing high-quality services which include a careful evaluation of each client’s details to find the best option for immigration to Canada, as well as step-by-step guidance with the Canadian immigration procedure.

Our clients benefit from the expertise of the authorized Canadian immigration consultants who work closely with the INMIGRACION CANADIENSE team.

Rather than struggle through the complicated Canadian immigration process on their own, our clients receive accurate information about how to apply for the most relevant visa to Canada, based on each person’s personal eligibility assessment and the current regulations.

The INMIGRACION CANADIENSE team of professionals also makes sure that the forms are completed correctly and filed properly with all of the required documents.

This expert guidance can help you and your family to avoid the mistakes, unnecessary delays and frustration that many people experience when they try to apply for Canadian immigration without the assistance of a legally authorized representative.

INMIGRACION CANADIENSE works very hard so that you and your family can have the opportunity to live and work in Canada as soon as possible and enjoy the high quality of life available to Canadian permanent residents and citizens.


Expert Guidance

The goal of INMIGRACION CANADIENSE is to provide you and your family with expert guidance and excellent customer service from start to finish so you can move to Canada in a fast, easy and affordable fashion.

Therefore, INMIGRACION CANADIENSE is pleased to work with experienced Canadian immigration consultants, Mr. Amir Shuval and Ms. Sigal Barak, who are authorized representatives with Great North Immigration Inc.

INMIGRACION CANADIENSE is also pleased to collaborate with Dr. Ramin Khodaie, who is an experienced Canadian immigration consultant with Parsis Immigration Services.

According to Canadian immigration law, the recognized status of “authorized representative” permits an individual to represent people before national and provincial authorities on a broad range of issues associated with immigration to Canada.

Thus, you can be assured of receiving a high level of professional services throughout your Canadian immigration process.


Valuable Benefits

Some of the valuable benefits you can receive include:

  • Expert evaluation of your details to determine your best option for a Canadian visa;
  • Step-by-step guidance to properly apply for Canadian immigration;
  • Personalized services from an authorized representative and our experienced support staff;
  • Forms prepared accurately and filed correctly with all of the necessary documents;
  • Receive updates about your case during the Canadian immigration process;
  • Have your questions answered about your particular case;
  • High level of customer service provided in different languages;
  • We make Canadian immigration services affordable by allowing you to pay as you go through each step of the procedure, with several secure payment methods available for your convenience!


Important Information

Please note that INMIGRACION CANADIENSE subcontracts Great North Immigration Inc. and Parsis Immigration Services to provide INMIGRACION CANADIENSE end-users (i.e., our clients) with eligibility screening of profiles in accordance with our Terms of Use and under the terms and conditions made available by Great North Immigration Inc. here and by Parsis Immigration Services. INMIGRACION CANADIENSE is not an agent of Great North Immigration Inc or its consultants and is not an agent of Parsis Immigration Services or its consultant.


In addition, you should know that INMIGRACION CANADIENSE is a private consulting company that offers professional services for immigration to Canada and is not associated with the Canadian government, which is the only entity with the authority to issue a Canadian visa or approve someone for immigration to Canada.


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