Why Canada

Canada is an incredible country that offers immigrants many amazing opportunities. Therefore, it is not surprising that over 300,000 people move to Canada every year seeking a better life in one of the world’s most popular expat destinations. Nonetheless, you might be wondering why Canada is attracting such a large number of people from around the globe. Why are so many people choosing to live and work in Canada? The answer is simple: Canada is an immigrant-friendly country where the residents generally enjoy a high quality of life!



  • Canada is an immigrant-friendly country.
  • Immigrants are welcomed to live in Canada and contribute to its economy and society.
  • Skilled foreign workers are needed to fill high-demand jobs in Canada in many occupations.
  • More than 300,000 new permanent residents immigrate to Canada each year.
  • Canadian immigration is a relatively easy process.
  • The Express Entry immigration system is a fast way to live and work in Canada.
  • Canadian permanent residents can work, study, start a business and own property in Canada.
  • Canada is a multicultural country (22% of Canadian residents were born outside of Canada).
  • Multiculturalism has been an official policy in Canada since 1971.
  • Canada allows dual citizenship.
  • Permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for three years.


High Quality of Life

  • Canada has been ranked #1 in the world for best quality of life.
  • Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are among the world’s top 10 most livable cities.
  • Canada has an excellent education system and is one of the world’s most educated countries.s.
  •  The Reputation Institute ranked Canada #1 in the world for positive country reputation.
  • Canada has the world’s 10th largest economy.
  • Jobs in Canada are plentiful and tend to pay well.
  • The Global Peace Index lists Canada among the top 10 most peaceful countries on Earth.
  • Canada is ranked #2 in the world for personal freedom by the Legatum Institute.
  • The Legatum Prosperity Index listed Canada among the top 10 most prosperous countries.
  • Citizens and permanent residents of Canada receive free public healthcare.
  • Canadian life expectancy is 82 years, which is higher than the OECD average.
  • Canada is famous for its spectacular scenery.
  • The United Nations named Canada one of the 10 happiest places on the planet.


Move to Canada!

As you can see, Canada is a great place to live. Not many countries are rated as highly as Canada for quality of life, employment and business opportunities, prosperity, personal freedom, healthcare, safety, life expectancy, education, natural beauty, and happiness. While many countries are restricting immigration, Canada has embraced diversity and is actually increasing the number of immigrants that it welcomes each year. Now is a good time to move to Canada, since the Canadian economy is growing rapidly and there is a shortage of qualified workers to fill all of the new jobs that are being created. If you and your family would like to learn about your options to live and work in Canada, click here!


DISCLAIMER: This information is not and should not be considered as expert or professional advice.


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